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Installing a shipping solution in your business is an excellent idea, but having a reliable and effective solution is another matter. As the business arena becomes competitive, the rush to streamline delivery services is underway. Every organization wants to embrace the new wave. Because of this, software developers, both genuine and fake, have found solutions to get the cash. Currently, more than one thousand shipping software distributors are on the market. For new beginners, finding reliable software can be a tricky business. If you lack essential information, falling into the hands of resourceful distributors is not out of your reach. You need to give a close look at the features in the software. Here are some of the top companies to consider in your selection of multi-carrier shipping software:

Labelling customization

Labelling is a critical element when it comes to dispatching. You must ensure your items have the correct labels before loading them to the carrier. If you ignore this aspect, you will have many cases of incorrect deliveries and massive returns. However, labelling is not an essay task. Especially when fulfilling thousands of orders, making a mistake can be a lifetime regret. In this essence, when choosing a multi-carrier shipping solution to ensure it has the labelling feature. Also, ensure the labelling option is customizable. This means you can design your labels depending on your likes and preferences. Again, the feature will allow you to introduce uniqueness and customizations that will enhance your business brand.

Multichannel integration

In the current decade, selling online is taking various dimensions. Today, running an online store or an e-commerce site does not guarantee you sales. You have to diversify and cast your nets wide to maximize on your profits. Multichannel retailing is now a norm where you turn every customer meeting point into a selling point. Selling through social media, online marketplaces, and physical stores, as well as mobile apps, are becoming common in the e-commerce arena. Despite the platform you are driving sales on, one thing remains constant – you must fulfil the orders and deliver them to the buyer. In this essence, a suitable multicarrier shipping solution must have the capability to support all your selling channels. The solution must have a feature for integrating all your selling channels to harness easy shipment. Also, it must integrate with other business systems such as inventory management, the point of sale, and CRM to ensure strong coordination in your entity.

Multi carrier rate comparison

Shipping your items to their customers at the least cost is a principal objective in your store. Also, when you are not catering to the shipping costs, you should offer your customers the freedom to choose who will deliver their items. The solution to this is a multicarrier rate comparison feature. The feature allows you and your customers to assess the best and most affordable shipping carrier. Remember, the cheapest option might not be the best. As such, you have to offer the customers an opportunity to compare the delivery charges, waiting time, and other terms of their preferable shipping carrier. So, ensure your multicarrier shipping solution has this feature.

Monitoring and tracking capability

Tracking and monitoring your items in the delivery process is one of the primary obligations of an entrepreneur. You must have updated information on the progress of your shipment until it reaches the desired destination. By this, it means you need a feature that will enhance your monitoring and tracking efforts. If your solution of choice lacks this element, it will be difficult to know what is happening in the cause of the transit. At times, the carrier may alter the item destination. This act can lead to loss of item and future sales.